Goals Of The Centre

At Angel Childcare we believe that effective teaching and learning occurs when children enjoy learning and as a result are intrinsically motivated to learn. In achieving this goal, all staff will endeavour to:

  • Achieve excellence in education and the highest standard in quality care.
  • Promote an environment where play is valued as the primary mode of learning.
  • Establish a warm, friendly, relaxed atmosphere where children and their families feel welcome.
  • Provide an open-door policy to encourage family involvement and participation, to promote fruitful relationships with open communication with families each day and through written information newsletters, also providing times for staff to meet with parents formally and informally.
  • Provide an enjoyable, supportive, inquisitive and stimulating environment where children are encouraged to choose from a wide variety of appropriate experiences, that challenges and extends their knowledge and skills, and are relevant to their ongoing interests, abilities and needs.
  • Encourage in the ongoing process of observing, planning, implementing and evaluating. (That is, child, self, program and centre evaluation)
  • Provide the physical and emotional security needed for each child to develop a sense of independence, competence, inner-strength, pride and acceptance of oneself.
  • Promote the development of communication and language, social skills, creativity and self-expression, and acceptance of self and others.
  • Encourage children to develop skills in making choices and decisions and to accept responsibility.
  • Promote equality by maximising the educational outcomes of all children, regardless of their gender, cultural backgrounds, socio-economics or special needs.